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Welcome to School

School is a subscription-based service designed for school marketers by ASD Data Services LLC. We provide the most up-to-date, accurate and unique K-12 school information available.

Active subscribers are benefiting from our 2015/2016 updates that include:
  • 789 new schools added
  • 671 schools closed
  • Thousands of additional email addresses and URLs added
  • Updates in over 42,000 schools

  • Currently our website is being redesigned so until that process is complete please e-mail us at (please include your company name, address and phone number) or call us at (877) 742-7297 to speak to a sales representative.

    We would be happy to provide you with a quote for the specific data set you need. Some of the typical data sets we provide are as follows:

    National School and School District Mailing Lists
    Principal and School Office Email Address Lists
    Superintendent and District Office Email Address Lists
    Fax Lists for Schools and Districts
    School Mascot and Color Lists

    Contact us for a no obligation quote:

    Phone: (877) 742-7297